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she LIKES doing laundry?


I�ve read in �Good Housekeeping� magazine about a rare woman who actually enjoys doing laundry. If I�m not mistaken, she hails from Indiana.

She especially enjoys folding warm towels fresh out of the dryer. I wish I could channel that woman�s love of terry cloth, but it just isn�t in me.

I have tried.

I have hopes of creating a laundry routine that runs as smooth as a Swiss watch. In my dreams, Mondays are bath towels and accessories, as well as bed linens.

Tuesdays are devoted to the white load. We have two kids in Catholic school and I�m up to my ears in white button-up shirts and ankle socks. Though the navy plaid jumper covers the torso of the white shirt, somehow stains seem to migrate from the dark jumper through to the white cotton. How that happens, I�ll never know. Suffice to say, the white load is one hell of a challenge � no offense God, I do appreciate the lessons they learn in Catholic school.

Back to my alleged routine: Wednesdays would consist of the large bulky items like the cover on the futon and the slip cover on the couch in the basement. Also the blankets, quilts and comforters, but all of these items would be washed once or twice monthly as they don�t soil as readily as the sheets that protect them.

And since it�s hump day (aka Wednesday) and the week is half over, I would take the rest of that day to take a break from the swirling waters of cleansing all things fabric. In my fantasy, I enjoy the break that Wednesday brings. I feel satisfaction in accomplishing so much with just half the week through.

Thursdays would be spent on the dark clothes and Fridays would round out the week with all of the pinks we own.

With three girls in the house (four, if you include me), it should come as no surprise that I wash at least three all-pink loads every week.

In fact the pink load has given me a secret weapon, if you will, when it comes to the war against laundry. I can wash a brand new red shirt with confidence, my hands placed jauntily on my hips, in defiance of Red Dye Number 8. I am Cardiogirl. I do not fear reds.

I maintain the hope that some day my fantasy routine may materialize. But right now doing laundry remains a never-ending chore.

It�s like Sisyphus� rock. If you don�t know who Sisyphus is, let me give you the condensed version.

Sisyphus is the unlucky chap who angered the gods and was relegated to pushing a huge rock up a hill only to have it roll back down before going over the edge. For all of eternity he will roll the rock up only to have it come crashing back down, thereby accomplishing nothing.

That pretty much sums up my relationship with the entity known as laundry.

I must admit, though, I am getting pretty good at removing blood, shit, and vomit from fabric.


2006-11-02 at 9:47 a.m.

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