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the lipstick conspiracy


Why do cosmetic companies constantly change the "formula", if you will, of their lipsticks? This seems to be a continuous battle for me. It goes like this. I find a lipstick color I like. I buy four or five tubes of that color and things are great until I run out of the last tube.

Being a conscientious consumer, I save the last tube, take it with me to the store and go in search of that color. Invariably, by the time I run out of five tubes of lipstick, the manufacturer has discontinued that shade and I have to start the search for a new lipstick color that is a blue-based red that's not too red and not too pink.

If you're a man, I'm sure you won't understand how infuriating this is.

Side note: are there any men reading this?

Anyway, Wet n' Wild just did this to me a couple of months ago. They don't bother to name their lipsticks, they just go by numbers. I guess 99 cents a tube doesn't buy you a sexy surname. My color was called 511A. The closest thing I can find is 511B and as curious as it may seem, there appears to be a noticeable difference between the two.

So now I have to invest a dollar to see if 511B can become my color in 511A's absence. (Don't be surprised, I told you in an eariler post I'm cheap as a monkey.)

I am not a fan of change (change in the sense of making something different, not monetary change. I'm cool with nickels and dimes.)

In fact, I rarely see how changing a process that is working just fine benefits ANYONE!

Okay, enough with the yelling. I grew up in a chaotic environment and I have control issues. At least that's what my therapist says.

Interestingly enough, all of my siblings have control issues to some varying degree. Only one other sibling (like me) realizes that it's an issue she has to work on. The others think they are self-actualized and low-maintenance.

If you knew them like I do, this would make you laugh until your sides hurt.


2006-10-28 at 2:48 p.m.

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