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I went to the Y this morning to get a cardio workout in before church and brunch and there was only one other person in the Wellness Center (where the cardio machines and weights are).

He was on the sit up bench, doing vigorous sit ups. And I thought, "Hey there's Psycho Guy at the Y at the crack of dawn on a Sunday." And then it occurred to me as I was hanging up my keys and jacket that he might be thinking a similar thought about me.

As in, "Hey, there's Psycho Chick at the Y at the crack of dawn on a Sunday." And then I mentally corrected him, "Um, that's Cardiogirl to you. And I'm not a psycho; I'm just interested in my physical health, thank you very much."

Anyway, I got on the elliptical trainer kind of dreading the start of another workout and I was trying to decide which playlist I wanted to listen to on my mp3 player, when the message on the player read: Low battery. Powering down.

"No you dih-ent!" I almost said in my best Puerto Rican accent. So of course I tried to power that bad boy up a couple more times, thinking if I held the button *just right* I could get a little more juice out of said player. No dice.

Instead I had to settle for overhearing the headphones of the chick two machines down. Initially, I thought she was listening to the musical stylings of Mr. Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters" but then I realized it was the intro to Big and Rich's "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy."
After that, I couldn't really make out what she was listening to, so I starting reading the captions on the televisions.

So later, when I got home and made my coffee (sometimes I wonder if I immediately undo the "good" I did at the Y when I get home and have two to three 10-ounce cups of coffee with lots o' cream, but I digress) I remembered that Costco has some coupons for a huge can of powdered Nestle Quik and juice boxes. And I thought, I need to work on remembering to use coupons, which spawned the following thought.

I met a woman at the park this past summer who was a bit more anal retentive than I am. As I suspected, she's a classic first-born, however, I got a really good tip from her that I have failed to employ.

When she makes her grocery list she highlights with blue highlighter the items that she has a coupon for. Thereby remembering to hand over said coupon to the cashier at check out. I thought that was a pretty dandy tip, but I haven't used it yet.

If you didn't catch it in the previous paragraph, I'm fascinated by birth order and will frequently ask people I meet if they are a (fill in appropriate item, depending on my impression--as in first-born, last-born, only, etc.) I'm getting pretty good at it, too. But there are the occasional loopholes that are hard to detect. Case in point: I am a last-born with some first-born tendencies, due to the fact that there are over five years between me and my next closest sibling.

Oh, I could go on and on about birth order, but I won't bore you with that just yet. More to come´┐Ż


2006-10-22 at 8:46 a.m.

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